Young George


We have the most amazing restaurants locked in to attend Fish & Sips Festival 2019 and the first of which is one of East Freo's finest!

Welcome Young George to the Fish & Sips Festival 2019 line-up!

Head Chef Melissa Palinkas and her expert chefs will be showing us how they work their magic on our world-class West Australian seafood.

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Melissa Palinkas from Young George together with Fins Seafood will be hosting a series of specialty seafood & wine pairing sessions at various times across the weekend!

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2 Fish 2 Wines

Join us in the dining room overlooking the stunning Indian Ocean as Melissa serves up 2 courses of delicious WA seafood matched with Walsh & Sons Margaret River premium wine

Friday Dinner Session (45 minutes): 7.00pm
2 plates + 2 wines

Saturday Dinner Session (45 minutes): 7.00pm
2 plates + 2 wines

By-Catch by the Sea

4 small courses utilizing species that get caught by accident matched with 2 wines!!

Bycatch, in the fishing industry, is a fish or other marine species that is caught unintentionally while catching certain target species and target sizes of fish, crabs etc. Bycatch is either of a different species or is undersized or juvenile individuals of the target species.

Melissa brings her no waste policy to create a menu made from WA fresh seafood in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Saturday Lunch (1 hour): 12.30 -1.30pm
$50.00 per person

Sunday Lunch (1 hour): 12.30 -1.30pm
$50.00 per person